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Visiting New Orleans After Katrina

There’s something about New Orleans. Not just the fact that the beignets are so sugary and unbelievably delicious, and the fact that po’boys change the way you look at a sandwich (although both are true). I went down to New Orleans on vacation because I’ve always been drawn to the South. The music, the food, the nightlife (but mostly the food). Day or night, the city is always buzzing, and the Big Easy did not disappoint.

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Group Travel: Better for Women than Travelling Alone

Travelling is a great experience in itself, as it offers you a chance to learn new things and explore the unknown. If you want to better enjoy your trip, you should opt for group travel rather than travelling alone.

There are many women who think that the ultimate way to feel the real experience of travelling is to go out with a group rather than being a solo traveller. Group travelling has a number of benefits that can make any trip extraordinary and memorable.

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How to Plan a Spontaneous Trip

When I was little, I used to go on vacations with my Father. He is an interesting man, and always planned our trips extensively – we would walk for hours, trying to keep up with his rigorously planned schedule. It was a wonderful experience for which I’m very grateful, but I did often find myself growing wistful. I would imagine wandering down mysterious pathways, meeting strangers who would whisk me away to romantic… well. I was young.

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