For every person, there are tours that they have always been fascinated by and places they are inspired to visit. Perhaps it’s the vibrancy and colorfulness of Kenya, or a desire to venture through a labyrinth of bazaars and market stalls in Istanbul; perhaps it’s a wish to push themselves physically and attempt a hike or a challenge that will force them to examine their personal limits.

Regardless of specifics, for many people, these dreams remain exactly that – as dreams, since they struggle to find someone (a friend, family member or a partner) who shares the same interest and wishes to join them on this adventure.

How, What, Why, Where

Here are our thoughts on why, and how, you can make friends easily during your group adventure.

For many of those individuals, a lack of a like-minded companion will lead them to never actually go ahead with making that dream a reality, since they are nervous to go it alone into the unknown.

This is understandable, and a lot of people share these concerns, however, the introduction of group travel tour companies (like Brave Women Travel) in recent years have made it easier for people to share their travel experiences with like-minded individuals, and to make friends on the road while traveling.

Travel with Like-minded Individuals

With group tours, you will pretty much be traveling with your “sister from another mister” as you and your companions will have so much in common, you will be sure to form an instant connection.

Your friends back at home might find your fascination with Egypt and exotic handicrafts peculiar; however, your new found friends will understand you exactly, and share precisely the same fascinations and interests. Better than traveling alone, it is also great to share these experiences with your new friends so that you have people with whom to reflect back upon the trip within months and years to come.

Group tours tend to attract an array of people from different backgrounds – from fellow solo travelers to friends traveling as part of a tour company. However, one thing that remains the same is that all of these people are open to having fun while traveling.

Since people who enjoy travel are generally open-minded and accepting of different lifestyles and cultures, they are very open to meeting and getting to know new people from different backgrounds and walks of life and so it is easy to get to know your fellow adventurers.

Traveling at Close Quarters

Because you’re thrown into new, exciting and unfamiliar situations with these people, you will find that you develop a close bond rapidly, and you get to know your fellow travelers much quicker than you would back at home in the real world.

Helping each other to haggle, navigate the backstreets of souks after a wine or two, and sharing life to change experiences like seeing the Taj Mahal or other world wonders puts a blossoming friendship on the fast track and fills your relationship with unique, everlasting memories from the onset.

Social Events on your Tours

One great aspect of group tours is that you can enjoy fun, social events organized as part of your itinerary so you can rest assured you will never find yourself alone or lonely.

Your group will share lunches, dinner times and evening entertainment together so you will have plenty of time and opportunity to get to know the others on your trip.

The nice thing about these tours is that it is never too much – i.e. the activities are balanced out with a nice amount of “me time” meaning that you also have the opportunity to be independent if you do so desire it.

Meet People from a Range of Backgrounds

Travel is something that appeals to a broad mix of people of all ages and races the world over, there is no one definitive “traveller” and the nice thing about travelling on group tours like Brave Women Travel is that you will have the opportunity to get to know people that you may never otherwise get the chance to meet; and it is certainly interesting to share stories and experiences with new friends. Getting to know the life experiences of someone with a completely different background and outlook to yourself can be almost as enriching and rewarding as the travel experience itself!

Friends for Life from your Tours

Taking a trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and your travel friends become a part of that experience which you will remember for life.

Even if you find that you live in different states or even different parts of the world, you will realize that you always have someone that you can write to or call up when you wish to reminisce upon the times that you had, and hopefully you can meet up again in the future.

As with any good friendship, when you eventually do meet again, your relationship will pick up where it left off, almost as though no time has even passed. I, the writer of this article have taken trips in both Thailand and the USA as a solo female in a group tour and I still keep in touch with many of my tour friends today.

A Japanese girl that I met while taking a cross country USA trip acted as my tour guide when I visited Tokyo years later, and two British guys I met on my trip and I remained good friends and we meet up yearly for dinner catch-ups. You will always cherish these unique friendships.

The Important thing to Remember

Traveling in group tours and getting to know your fellow trippers is simply to put yourself out there, embrace every new opportunity that comes your way, be yourself and be confident.

It’s understandable to be nervous, particularly when you travel alone, but when you greet your group for the first time, you will likely wonder what on earth it was that you were so frightened about.

Group tours give you plenty of time and opportunity to get to know and befriend others without being overbearing. As aforementioned, the combination of shared dinners, and independent time for “me time” means that this style of travel can suit virtually anyone – from social butterflies to the more introverted types.


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