A well taken photo is the dream of many a traveler. The perfect scenic panorama, a gorgeous selfie, or a cute shot of some memorable aspect of your trip. And with camera phones in all of our pockets, these ideals are more possible than ever before.

One of my most recommended ideas for single female travelers is to use their photo taking to their advantage. Do not fall into the trap of doing nothing but taking photos the entire trip. Finding a great shot is a nice artistic experience, and can create its own memories, but you don’t want that to be all you do. Having a list of photo goals can help keep you focused, but also allow you to put the camera down every once in a while.

Your photos should do three things: remind you of your travel memories, allow you to show others the highlights of your trip (without a two-hour presentation slideshow, let’s get it together, ladies) – and they should be a least somewhat visually appealing.

The Classic

This is the photo everyone expects you to take. The one you can already picture without having been there: the Eiffel tower shot, the symmetrical Taj Mahal shot, the Japanese cherry trees, the clear blue Caribbean sea. You may be among those who shy away from cliches, and, well, fair enough. But if these kinds of photos are what spur you to travel, having your own version of one can make this a milestone for you.

The Alternate Perspective

Try looking up at something tall, or down from a great height. You can play around with the structures you come across, both natural and man-made, for interesting effects. This is a fun way to remind yourself that it was actually you, there, taking the picture. Your own personal view!

The “You Had to Be There”

Pick something that only people who have been to your destination would get. Like… the hilariously gaudy beach towels from the hotel, or the unusual way coffee is served, or the strange habit the local marketplace has of letting stray cats wonder about the place. These can make great conversation starters upon your return home.

The Table Setting

Another perspective shot, but more specific. Hold your camera directly above the table and take a shot of your food, drinks and table setting. This is a lovely way to evoke sense memories, and the directly-above view is nice and artsy.

The Morning View

What did you see every morning when you woke up? A fantastic panorama of a beach? Some classic cityscape? …A washed-out brick wall covered in advertisements for coca-cola? Whatever it is, get a shot of it.

The Street Sign

While street signs are not traditionally beautiful, they can spur memories. I would recommend looking out for one in a pretty setting, however. Maybe next to a cute old building, or in front of some interesting scenery.

The Close-Up

Another chance to get artistic! A close up photo allows you to focus on things that an ordinary photo wouldn’t. The condensation around your afternoon drink on the beach. A plant leaf unfurling in the rain. The texture of the silk scarves on sale at the local market. These are things you will want to remember.

The Hands

Holding… whatever you want. The book you read during your trip, a coffee cup, your airplane ticket. This is a slightly more relaxed version of a selfie, in my opinion. They’re still your hands, and your memories, but you don’t have to worry so much about posing or whether you hair is in your face.

The Feet

A similar principle to the hands photo. You can take pics of your feet on a cobbled alleyway, trudging through snow, padding along the beach, or resting at the end of a deckchair. Also a nice opportunity to showcase any cute shoes you happen to have on.

The Candid

This kind of photo is one of my favorites. You’ll be in a crowded restaurant, in a marketplace, or with friends on one of our women’s travel tour groups, and you’ll quickly grab a shot. No posing, no big smiles, just a fresh and realistic memory of what was happening at the time.

The Group Shot

Whether you are part of our female travel groups or if you have simply made friends at the place you are staying, you will want a nice, cheesy group shot at the end. One of those everyone lines-up-and-smiles ones, even if it doesn’t have much artistic merit. It’s an easy, fun way to remember who you met.

The Long Road

A shot of a long road leading away from you is a nice traveling motif to repeat. It’s also a perspective thing, but you get to remember what it was like looking down those roads. Play around with it – try to get one of a quiet country space, another of a bustling city street, and so on. Remember to be careful with your camera, though. I would always recommend a strap to secure it either around the wrist or neck, and make sure to keep aware of your surroundings when taking any photo.