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Conversation Starters for Female Travelers

A conversation with an amazing stranger might be one of your travel dreams, but how do you get started? Just walk up to someone and shout HEY YOU LOOK COOL LET’S BE FRIENDS”…?

Well… I mean, you can, and if  someone actually responds to that then they’re likely to be the kind of person you want to be friends with. As well as being the kind of person who will probably invite you to go jetskiiing at some point. But what about those deep, meaningful friendships we dream of starting when we set off on our journeys?

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Happy Thoughts: the Benefits of Travel for Your Mind

It’s one thing to know that traveling is fun and enjoyable; it’s another to think about the positive changes it can have on our minds, thoughts and even our mental health. Whether it’s simply breaking you out of your usual routine or helping you to expand your mind, travel can have real, lasting effects on your mood and thoughts. It might even positively affect your personality, helping you to grow and develop in new and interesting ways.

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Travel Misconceptions: Famous City Edition

It is very easy to get trapped into believing a misconception. We are all guilty of passing on information without checking it every so often. It’s not just understandable, it’s universal. In light of this, however, it is also important to remember that just because we have always believed something doesn’t mean it’s right. And when you’re traveling, the information you have to work with can make a huge difference to how your trip goes.

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Health and Safety Tips for Travelers

There are endless preparedness lists one could make before heading off into the wide world. However, while I am not a fan of unnecessary worrying, I do think that being aware of basic safety rules can in fact result in a more pleasant experience all round. Your rules will vary depending on your own particular needs, but below are the tips that I have found the most useful in the past.

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How to be as Stressed as Possible While Traveling

Anyone that knows me knows that I like to be relaxed. Maybe too relaxed at times, I’ll admit, but when it comes to traveling, there’s a reason people like me as a travel buddy. I don’t get stressed.

However! I have recently come to understand that this is a drastically unfashionable way to behave. Calm isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Stress. Apparently.

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Conversations With Strangers: An Underrated Travel Perk

Traveling has many perks to it. New places, new sights, tastes and experiences. One of the most amazing, for me at least, is meeting people. This is what will make your experience completely unique. No-one else, even if they visit the same places as you at the exact same time, will have spoken to and connected with the same combination of people as you. The human element is one that cannot be captured by postcards.

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Food Goals for Travelers, in Any Country

Some people claim that food is the best part of traveling. This may be true, or it may be that the act of eating and drinking grounds you in your new experience more than anything else could. After all, what’s the real difference between looking at a strange new place on Google Street View and being there in real life? The ground beneath your feet, the sun on your face… and the scents in the air. The spices, the aromas, the drink you bought at the corner cafe even though you can’t pronounce it…

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