Travel Goals for South America

How do you choose your travel goals for an entire continent? There is so much variety in the sights and cultures found throughout South America, with its forests, deserts, rivers and cosmopolitan cities.

This is by no means a exhaustive list. But if you’ve ever considered traveling to South America and have no idea where to start, you might be able to find something here to intrigue you. Of course, we would love it if you chose one of Brave Women Travel’s trips for women to some of these locations. But first and foremost, you should be looking for something to excite and inspire you.

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Adventure Travel Preparation

Sometimes, adventure can require an extra level of effort. How do we manage that while still making it fun?

For many of us, the ideal holiday will involve a lot of lounging around, sipping cocktails and getting massages. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, we are all about adventure travel for women. And adventure can be a little difficult to come by at the side of a pool. Just saying.

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Reasons to Visit the Arctic

What does “the Arctic” bring to mind?

Cold? Ice? Polar bears?

For me, it represents a spirit of adventure. There are so many places in world that are more accessible than ever, and you can find adventure in any one of them. (I mean, with the right attitude you can find adventure in your back yard, but I digress.)

The Arctic, however, is something special.

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Conversations With Strangers: An Underrated Travel Perk

Traveling has many perks to it. New places, new sights, tastes and experiences. One of the most amazing, for me at least, is meeting people. This is what will make your experience completely unique. No-one else, even if they visit the same places as you at the exact same time, will have spoken to and connected with the same combination of people as you. The human element is one that cannot be captured by postcards.

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Food Goals for Travelers, in Any Country

Some people claim that food is the best part of traveling. This may be true, or it may be that the act of eating and drinking grounds you in your new experience more than anything else could. After all, what’s the real difference between looking at a strange new place on Google Street View and being there in real life? The ground beneath your feet, the sun on your face… and the scents in the air. The spices, the aromas, the drink you bought at the corner cafe even though you can’t pronounce it…

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Resurrecting and Improving the Lost Art of the Icebreaker

The icebreaker is a time-honored tradition. School assemblies, camp, work retreats, family reunions… we’ve all experienced them at some point or another. And it’s not as though no-one uses icebreakers any more. It’s more that we have ceased to appreciate them. Sometimes they are fun, but other times they are just something to get through, clenching your teeth in a grimace-like smile so that Karen from payroll doesn’t call you a stick in the mud.

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Winning the Battle Against Seasickness

Seasickness can spoil even the nicest day. Nausea, dizziness, and a variety of other symptoms can strike those with even the toughest constitutions. And, sadly, unlike other forms of motion sickness, you don’t have the assurance of being able to stop and take a break. Yet people continue to take boat trips and cruises every year! So there’s got to be some way to beat it, right?

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What to Read While Traveling

Books are like wine. The right wine can make or break a meal, and it’s vital that they are paired correctly. In the same way, the right book can make or break a holiday. Why just grab whatever’s at the airport bookstore when you can choose something that can add to your experience? Here, I have recommended various books to accompany a few choice examples of the trips offered here on Brave Women Travel.

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