Packing tips for Thailand

Hi all, Susan here from  If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know that we’re taking you on a month long journey through Thailand, walking you through the do’s and don’ts; what to see; transportation, everything that you need to know to travel through Thailand, especially for the female traveller, as you are who I’m writing to and for.  

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Travel Misconceptions: Famous City Edition

It is very easy to get trapped into believing a misconception. We are all guilty of passing on information without checking it every so often. It’s not just understandable, it’s universal. In light of this, however, it is also important to remember that just because we have always believed something doesn’t mean it’s right. And when you’re traveling, the information you have to work with can make a huge difference to how your trip goes.

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Preparing for Culture Shock in Asia

Vibrant, colorful, exotic, and bustling with activity, Asia makes for an exciting travel destination if you’re looking for something a little different to your typical vacation and you want to give yourself the opportunity to venture outside of your comfort zone.

The important thing about traveling to Asia is to go with an open mind and embrace the new experiences as an opportunity to learn about another culture.

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