Packing tips for Thailand

Hi all, Susan here from  If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know that we’re taking you on a month long journey through Thailand, walking you through the do’s and don’ts; what to see; transportation, everything that you need to know to travel through Thailand, especially for the female traveller, as you are who I’m writing to and for.  

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Adventure Travel Preparation

Sometimes, adventure can require an extra level of effort. How do we manage that while still making it fun?

For many of us, the ideal holiday will involve a lot of lounging around, sipping cocktails and getting massages. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, we are all about adventure travel for women. And adventure can be a little difficult to come by at the side of a pool. Just saying.

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How to Pack Your Toiletries (So They Don’t Drive You Nuts)

Toiletries can be the bane of many a female traveler. There are an awful lot of toiletries that we find ourselves using – I sometimes forget just how many, until I try to pack them all into a bag. And, for those female adventurers out there, packing one small toiletry bag so that you can fit everything into a backpack or carry on can be an extremely important task. Who wants to be worried about whether they’ve brought the right toothpaste, or if their hair oil bottle has exploded in their bag, when they’re trying to have an amazing travel experience? (Hint: literally no-one.)

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Smart Ways to Use Your (Smart) Phone While Traveling

As much as we all might enjoy complaining about the absurdities of the modern phone (why does it need to be that big? What if I knock myself out when I answer a call?) they can be a very useful tool. Several useful tools, in fact. While I would never recommend that anyone rely solely on their phone for traveling, there are a number of ways in which they can make your journey easier.

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Enter the Checklist: Stress-Free Travel

You’re about to set off on your glorious new adventure; the last thing you should be doing is wondering whether you remembered to unplug your hairdryer before you left. And who wants their poolside time to be interrupted by emails from their house sitter? Enter the checklist: that heaven-sent shortcut to organization and efficiency. Here are some samples and suggestions on creating your perfect travel checklist. Stress-free travel, here we come.

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