6 Classic Travel Habits We Need to Bring Back

“Classic”. The word is used to denote a time gone by, a way of doing things that we recognize as ideal. Classic literature, classic rock, classic movies. Not that modern things are bad, of course. But despite any new and shiny arrivals, we all know that the classics are king. It can take some effort to bring back an old habit… But here are a few travel traditions that I think we’d all like to see returned.

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Things You Might Regret Not Packing

Sometimes (often) the excitement of planning and packing for the perfect trip can get in front of our common sense. And even if you have gone over your trip in minute detail, preparing for the unexpected is something else entirely. (Of course, preparing for the unexpected is kind of a contradiction, but… anyway. Ahem.) There will almost always be something we regret not packing, so here are a few items that you should consider bringing along.

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