Natural Wonders of the Arctic

Let’s talk natural wonders. Many of us who might be looking at the best travel destinations for single females will have many criteria to fulfill. You might want a luxurious experience, and adventurous experience, a chance to make friends, a chance to chill out. One thing that I think we all share when looking for the perfect destination is the nature of the area. What will we be able to see? What can we experience here that we could never have seen had we stayed at home?

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Reasons to Visit the Arctic

What does “the Arctic” bring to mind?

Cold? Ice? Polar bears?

For me, it represents a spirit of adventure. There are so many places in world that are more accessible than ever, and you can find adventure in any one of them. (I mean, with the right attitude you can find adventure in your back yard, but I digress.)

The Arctic, however, is something special.

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Conversation Starters for Female Travelers

A conversation with an amazing stranger might be one of your travel dreams, but how do you get started? Just walk up to someone and shout HEY YOU LOOK COOL LET’S BE FRIENDS”…?

Well… I mean, you can, and if  someone actually responds to that then they’re likely to be the kind of person you want to be friends with. As well as being the kind of person who will probably invite you to go jetskiiing at some point. But what about those deep, meaningful friendships we dream of starting when we set off on our journeys?

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6 Classic Travel Habits We Need to Bring Back

“Classic”. The word is used to denote a time gone by, a way of doing things that we recognize as ideal. Classic literature, classic rock, classic movies. Not that modern things are bad, of course. But despite any new and shiny arrivals, we all know that the classics are king. It can take some effort to bring back an old habit… But here are a few travel traditions that I think we’d all like to see returned.

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What to Read While Traveling

Books are like wine. The right wine can make or break a meal, and it’s vital that they are paired correctly. In the same way, the right book can make or break a holiday. Why just grab whatever’s at the airport bookstore when you can choose something that can add to your experience? Here, I have recommended various books to accompany a few choice examples of the trips offered here on Brave Women Travel.

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Preparing For Your Group Trip

So this is it: After years of daydreaming about taking that trip to your dream destination, you’ve finally taken the plunge, organised your tour and booked your flights. Congratulations! You’ve been looking throug the Brave Women Travel trips, and picturing yourself tip-toeing in those fluorescent waters and fantasising about the mouth-watering delicacies you’re going to stuff your face with as you sip your fine glass of red wine and flirt with handsome local waiters… However, for all your daydreaming, fantasising and what you assure yourself is mental preparation, you realise that you haven’t actually started to preparing for your trip at all! For this reason, we’re here to save the day and have created this handy checklist for you to assist you with your preparation.

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