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Should I use a Travel Agent? Part 1

Hi all, Susan here from www.BraveWomenTravel.com   I want to talk honestly about why it is so important to use a Travel Agent, whether you are a solo traveler or travelling with a buddy.   For this article, we are going to talk about solo traveling, booking the travel yourself, and not joining in on a group tour.  Along the Way, we’ll ask often: Should I Use a Travel Agent? or not!

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Happy Thoughts: the Benefits of Travel for Your Mind

It’s one thing to know that traveling is fun and enjoyable; it’s another to think about the positive changes it can have on our minds, thoughts and even our mental health. Whether it’s simply breaking you out of your usual routine or helping you to expand your mind, travel can have real, lasting effects on your mood and thoughts. It might even positively affect your personality, helping you to grow and develop in new and interesting ways.

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