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How to Pack Your Toiletries (So They Don’t Drive You Nuts)

Toiletries can be the bane of many a female traveler. There are an awful lot of toiletries that we find ourselves using – I sometimes forget just how many, until I try to pack them all into a bag. And, for those female adventurers out there, packing one small toiletry bag so that you can fit everything into a backpack or carry on can be an extremely important task. Who wants to be worried about whether they’ve brought the right toothpaste, or if their hair oil bottle has exploded in their bag, when they’re trying to have an amazing travel experience? (Hint: literally no-one.)

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How to Best Annoy Your Cabin Crew

While many travelers want to behave nicely to the people who take care of them during their flights, there are those who would rather forge their own path. Those who know best, and who need their own way to be done no matter what. These are the people who will want to be as infuriating as possible to their cabin crew. But how can you make sure you’re doing all you can to reach your goals? Here is a handy and comprehensive list of activities to ensure effective and efficient irritation of your flight crew during the time you have available. From boarding to landing, we’ve got it covered.

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