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10 Tips for Haggling Success

Growing up in the West, we are accustomed to fixed prices when we shop, and a useful little tool called the price tag. If the price is more than you want to pay, you  know to simply move on and find an alternative product. When you are visiting markets, souks and bazaars in other countries while traveling (especially typical in the Middle East, Asia and South America), then the pricing is a little hazier and you are expected to negotiate to find one which is suitable. The aim here is not to screw your vendor into the ground, but to establish a middle point on the prices which means both of you are happy with the transaction and neither of you lose money. Haggling can seem intimidating at first, but it is commonplace, and your vendor expects you to negotiate. Once you’ve experimented with it once or twice, you may actually find the experience enjoyable! For the novice haggler, we’ve established ten “top tips” to help you ensure you get the right amount of bang for your buck.

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