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How to Pack Your Toiletries (So They Don’t Drive You Nuts)

Toiletries can be the bane of many a female traveler. There are an awful lot of toiletries that we find ourselves using – I sometimes forget just how many, until I try to pack them all into a bag. And, for those female adventurers out there, packing one small toiletry bag so that you can fit everything into a backpack or carry on can be an extremely important task. Who wants to be worried about whether they’ve brought the right toothpaste, or if their hair oil bottle has exploded in their bag, when they’re trying to have an amazing travel experience? (Hint: literally no-one.)

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Things You Might Regret Not Packing

Sometimes (often) the excitement of planning and packing for the perfect trip can get in front of our common sense. And even if you have gone over your trip in minute detail, preparing for the unexpected is something else entirely. (Of course, preparing for the unexpected is kind of a contradiction, but… anyway. Ahem.) There will almost always be something we regret not packing, so here are a few items that you should consider bringing along.

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Packing For Extreme Weather

Your general rule when packing might be to take a few pieces for different weather possibilities. A light rain jacket, a scarf, a pair of sandals. But what will you pack for extreme weather, like  heat and humidity that’s going to make you sweat through anything you put on? How can you plan outfits well when everything’s going to be covered with a raincoat? How will you get all of your sweaters into your backpack for that winter hiking break? Let’s look at how you can approach your packing for extreme weather.

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